Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I built this for you.

I wanted to share my world with all of you. But I was told I couldn't continue construction. I made a machine to control time and weather. We lived every Saturday as if it were our last. And the following Sunday surrounded by friends and family sharing stories of the previous nights adventures. All the while sitting outside with the breeze to our backs and the patio tables were draped in soft white linens. Various fruits and snacks and teas and beers. No one was stressed because I had made it so that we could all live off each other and the land. And oh my I wish you could see the colors I saw in there. The sky's blue would hit your skin with a refreshing splash of cool. The wind floated past our ears and you could hear a distant echo of whatever tune that was playing miles away riding the wave lengths. You were all there as ghosts. I couldn't interact because they only let me build. But you were all so happy. I'd never seen such bliss on their faces. I was working so hard to cross over and enjoy my creation with all of you. They never told me what the wires on my body were for. I didn't know until it was too late. The inter tangled mess that went from my brain to my heart and out of my chest has the beginning. I told them I want to build my dreams into static mass for my friends and family to enjoy. I told them I'd like to fill these places with items that came from my heart. They said that'd be no problem. In the coming weeks I saw the buildings that came from my head change to a mixture of hard structure with little add ons here and there. Grey city blocks turned into vibrant painting. There was always music. Then they told me at the end of my project I would die. The machine was built to create what I wanted for my family and friends from me. I did not know its original intention would be to kill me. It used every last drop of liquid. But I'm happy now in this machine. I am the city. The walls you paint. The roads you drive. I'm here with all of my loved ones in a city that I built for them. From me.


Anonymous said...

These were some of the best words I have read in a long time. Thank you for that.